Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

Teaching is the creation of a community of learners who celebrate their diversity and actively engage in the world around them through integrative, culturally relevant, and developmentally-appropriate lessons. As a teacher, I have the privilege of facilitating the necessary relationship building, conversations, and instruction to create a positive, empowering, and equitable learning environment that meets … Continue reading Philosophy of Teaching and Learning


Using Restorative Justice as a Classroom Management Model

Restorative justice involves “bringing together all parties affected by harm or wrongdoing (e.g., offenders and their families, victims and their families, other members of the community, and professionals), discussing what happened and how they were affected, and agreeing on what should be performed to right any wrongs suffered” (Johnson & Johnson, 2012, p. 7). This … Continue reading Using Restorative Justice as a Classroom Management Model

Math Teaching Resource Review

Journal Title: Teaching Children Mathematics Description of Journal: Teaching Children Mathematics is a monthly journal focused on math education at the K-6 level. The journal includes regular features as well as articles on the pedagogy of math teaching and learning. The articles focused on math teaching and learning include research-based best practices, strategies for specific … Continue reading Math Teaching Resource Review

Science Teaching Resource Review

Journal Title: Science and Children Description of Journal: Science and Children is a peer-reviewed professional journal published monthly by the National Science Teachers Association for science educators at the elementary level (K-5). Each issue features a science theme, and many of the articles, projects and opinions shared align with the topics for that theme. The consistent … Continue reading Science Teaching Resource Review

Observing Place Value and Math Instruction

For math so far this year, all concepts and lessons directly use or build off of place value knowledge. The beginning of the year involved whole and small group instruction on place value, moving quickly into centers with leveled math groups. Lessons focused on place value included learning the various number forms (drawing, word, expanded, … Continue reading Observing Place Value and Math Instruction